Cedar Park Service: (512) 250-2025
Buda Service: (512) 387-3745
I have to think almost everyone has a story about how they were ripped off or were almost ripped off when having service done on their car. I’m sorry to say there are a lot of less than honest repair shops out there. Some are just plain incompetent and some are just plain dishonest. That’s why we opened the Service Center here at Dream Cars Austin. Up until a few years ago, we only did service work on the cars that we were offering for sale. But due to popular demand, we are now offering automotive service to the public.

Truthfully the major thing that made us open the service center was the problems our customers were having with other repair facilities they brought their vehicles to. The bottom line is the other facilities were trying to replace parts and do repair jobs that were “easy money” for the shop, but did not really need to be done. That is really my “Pet Peeve”. In our service department, we are only going to propose doing jobs that are necessary. If something is marginal, we will explain the situation to you with the pros and cons.

We only want to do the work that is really needed and nothing more. If something will be fine for 3,000 miles or more, we would just as soon go with it as is and re-evaluate the situation in 3,000 miles. I really hate to see clients being taken advantage of by other shops charging for repairs that are not really necessary. We believe “What comes around, goes around”. Whether you call it “Karma” or something else, the only way we feel we can run a successful service center is by doing the right thing and making sure we take care of our customer’s best interests in every situation. If we are challenged by a job that we really can’t figure out, we will be up front and let you know before we start replacing parts that don’t need replaced. That’s my guarantee to you.

We have a full service shop with all the latest diagnostic and repair equipment. We can handle all types of service on Domestics, Asians and European imports. Our service hours are listed right here. Mon-Fri 8 AM to 6 PM. Just give us a call at (512) 250-2025 to schedule an appointment. We can get most jobs in and out in the same day.

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