Get Back on the Road Today

Perhaps your old car just died. Perhaps you had a wreck that totaled your car. Perhaps you need a reliable ride now, but you don't have the credit to help you get a loan. You need to talk to Dream Cars knowledgeable staff. For the People policies can help you get back on the road today.

Take Care of Bad Credit Austin TX
You can get past bad credit. The key is to take the first step and get yourself to Dream Cars. We're so sure we can get you a loan that we offer a steak dinner if no loan can be found. Basically, if you earn $1800 per month or more, we feel confident that there is a loan for you. Once you get a loan, your payments will help turn around your bad credit Austin TX. Your credit score will rise over time as the credit agencies see that you are a good credit risk. 

Get Started Now
You can get started three ways. First, you can use our online preapproval form. Second, you can use our online loan application. Third, if you want to get on the road today, come straight to Dream Cars. We'll get you the credit that you need to drive away happy.

Shop Now
You can shop online, learning about the cars in our inventory. This information includes a free CarFax report to tell you more about the vehicle's background. Still, the best way to shop is in person. You'll want to kick the tires, look under the hood, and climb into the cabin.

Get back on the road today with Dream Cars.