Enjoy More Music with Better Smartphone Integration

It seems only fitting in the "The Live Music Capital of the World" that every Austin driver enjoy the music that they love. Do you have the latest innovations in smartphone integration? Dream Cars makes owning this technology more affordable by offering good used cars Killeen TX at budget-friendly prices. 

Smartphone Integration
Whether you tend toward country, bluegrass, rock, hip hop, classical, jazz, or the blues, you are sure to love streaming audio via Bluetooth. Shoppers don't have to buy new to get these features when many recent editions are available at Dream Cars. Since these features are often limited to higher trim levels, you can bet that our used car dealership offers better deals on vehicles with this technology. When you visit, ask our staff to show you which vehicles have smartphone integration and Bluetooth streaming audio. 

Connectivity Trends
More and more vehicles offer WiFi connectivity. These are often subscription services that you can activate after you purchase the vehicle from Dream Cars. WiFi is a great way to entertain passengers, especially kids, on long trips. It's a great asset if you do a lot of work from your car. Many drivers use it whenever they are parked and waiting for their next appointment. You'll have WiFi even in remote locations. Learn more about financing. Get pre-approved.

Hands-Free Communication
Most people know about Bluetooth hands-free phone as this has become common in new cars. Often, text-by-voice is also a feature. You can communicate without taking your hands from the wheel or your eyes from the road. If you don't have these features, head to Dream Cars for better used cars Killeen TXFind financing.