Dream Cars Austin says Light the Road with a New Car

How old is your car? Modern cars, built just within the last five or six years, can do so much more than older ones. Among their new capabilities, you will find special headlight features that really are a matter of safety. If you are ready to light the road with a new car, head to Dream Cars, your used car dealer Cedar Park TX.

Lighten Up
If you haven't shopped for a car lately, you may not realize what modern headlights can do. Xenons and LEDs add crisp light to the night. Some cars have LED running lights, LED taillights, and LED turn signals. LEDs are famous for using far less power than the older style of lights. They often come in signature patterns with special bezels to heighten nighttime curb appeal. LEDs reportedly are easier for other drivers to see, which makes you safer as you slam on brakes or simply signal a turn. Get pre-approved for a loan.

Add Safety
New safety features adjust the light to meet conditions. On many cars, headlights have a sensor that tells them when to switch on. Some cars now offer high beam control. This reacts to oncoming traffic, reducing the chances your car will blind the approaching driver. Another sophisticated headlight device is the swiveling or adaptive beam. This matches the light to the car's trajectory, illuminating your projected path more accurately. See our inventory to find out which cars offer these exciting features. For more information, talk to our staff or schedule a test drive.

Learn more about today's headlights when you visit Dream Cars, your used car dealer Cedar Park TX.