How We Determine Quality

When it comes to finding used cars for sale Austin TX, our buying agents go to auction every week. They have to know what's on the lot and what we need. Most of all, they have to be able to find high quality choices for our customers. 

Our Process
We have developed a process when we look at available cars. This starts with a paint meter that can determine if the vehicle has been repainted. Then we inspect the engine, using a practiced eye to determine if the car has been well-maintained. We also look at the overall condition of the vehicle, since poor cosmetic condition often indicates that the person didn't take good care of the vehicle mechanically. CarFax gives us information about ownership, crashes, and repairs. That's how we weed out the ones we don't want.

Our Inventory
You'll find a large inventory with many different cars, SUVs and trucks. You'll notice many colors, many trims, and many brands. Our emphasis on variety is meant to give you real choices. Customers tell us that it is fun to see class members side by side. It's an excellent way to learn about brand differences in size, material quality, and features. Get pre-approved.

Your Next Step
Now that you know more, you can relax and start shopping for used cars for sale Austin TX. Be sure to check out the CarFax available on each choice in our inventory. You can be sure that whatever you choose will have a close-to-new condition, after our extensive reconditioning process.