Get More from Your Insurance Pay Out

You've had a wreck. You walked away, but your car was totalled. Your insurance company won't give you full value. Where can you turn to get a replacement? You can get more with your insurance money if you shop at Dream Cars. With a like-new vehicle from our used car dealer Killeen TX, you can get back to living the life you had before the accident. 

Ready for More?
At Dream Cars, your insurance money can go further. Used cars don't depreciate like new cars. It won't lose value the minute you drive away. Furthermore, used cars are more affordable, even when you invest in higher trim editions or higher powered engines. This may allow you to get a leather interior for less. It certainly means you'll be getting a good deal for your money. Schedule a test drive.

Big Selection
Whether you are looking for a compact car, a big pickup truck or something in between, you'll find a big selection at Dream Cars used car dealer Killeen TX. We make an effort to keep a wide variety of styles as well as a broad variety of brands. You may be able to find an exact duplicate of the car you lost or you may be ready to try something completely different. Either way, we have you covered. 

Find Financing
Maybe you got enough from your insurance company to get a good used car from us. If not, don't worry. We offer a wide variety of financing methods, and we can help you even if your credit is poor. Get pre-approved.

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