Reconditioning Works for You

Rather than buy from a friend of friend, start with quality choices at Dream Cars. You'll find excellent values and good financing, even with bad credit Cedar Park TX.

Reconditioning Works
After seeking the best possible cars for our lot, we bring them to the mechanics who give them a 120-plus point inspection. It's put on the lift where our service technicians can look for leaks, inspect the brakes and suspension, and discover any obvious problems. Then they look under the hood and find any aging parts there. The goal is to get the car in the best possible working order. It will be as close to new as it can get, given its history of maintenance. If we discover a major flaw, rather than fix it, we are more likely to send it back to auction because we don't want to run the risk that it is a lemon.

Detailing and Beautifying 
After that, a technician will check every feature from the power windows to the seats. It is our goal to make sure everything works properly or gets fixed. Every possible cosmetic blemish is identified and corrected. Quality must be assured before it every reaches the lot.

Reconditioning Your Credit
Your credit can be reconditioned. After all, just like a good car that needs a few minor repairs, you are a hardworking person that ran into a few difficulties. You deserve to get a second chance. We want you to drive away happy at Dream Cars. Find out your credit score with our pre-approval process

Recondition your bad credit Cedar Park TX with a loan from Dream Cars.