For tech geeks, softball moms, and everyone else who craves connectivity, a newer car may be just what you've been looking for. You can find smartphone integration, Bluetooth, and other dash tech, if you know where to look. Financing is also available, even if you have bad car credit Austin Tx.
Start your Search
You can start your search at Dream Cars, where our staff can show you the latest cars with touch screens and USB ports. Depending on the age and make of the car, many will have the connections you need. View inventory. Here's what to look for:
This is the hands-free phone device that is built into most modern cars. You'll keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road but still stay connected to the office or family. 
Plug-in Basics
USB ports are the way that iPods and other devices can be plugged into your system. Aux-inputs also work with many devices. Even better, your smartphone can be paired to the car's audio system if it has smartphone integration.
Touch Screen
With smartphone integration, you often get a touch screen or other audio display screen. A menu and built-in apps offers ways to find what you want.
Special Radio Features
Pandora is often a standard app with smartphone integration. Some systems offer HD radio or satellite radio capability.
Ready to Shop?
Bring your dash tech must-have list, and let our staff assist you with getting the best tech for the money. Worried aboutbad car credit Austin Tx? Find out about financing with this easy online loan pre-qualification form.

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