Should you buy a cheap new car or just save money by buying used? Here are four smart reasons that many auto experts today think you are better off with a good used car, like the kind you'll find at Dream Cars. We are your used car dealer Austin Tx.

1. At a new car dealership, the price is based on some random price scheme dreamed up by corporate bigwigs to sell the brand's cars. That's why it's so much easier to afford a higher trim level when you buy used. Simply put, the artificial difference in the cost of trim levels shrinks when you're talking used cars. That means your money goes further and you get more amenities.

2. Keeping the price lower with used cars translates into either a lower down payment, a lower monthly payment or both. New car prices are high dollar amounts, and that leads to high down payments and high monthly payments. Check out our lot. We have many cars under $12,000.

3. New car depreciation means that the car's resale worth drops dramatically the minute you drive off the lot. A used car doesn't lose value quickly because depreciation has already leveled off. If you see a car you like in our online inventory, act fast! Schedule a test drive or just stop by.

4. Flexible financing isn't happening at a new car dealership, not like it is at Dream Cars. Bad credit isn't the end of your dreams when you make us your choice for a good used car.

For a good price, come to Dream Cars, a leading used car dealership Austin Tx.