Reboot Your Credit with Help from Dream Cars

A low credit score can hurt your chances at a loan. If your credit has taken a nosedive, it's time to reverse that trend. You can get started with help from Dream Cars. Our financing has helped many people with bad credit Austin TX. Give us a chance to help you. 

Phase One
When you reboot your computer, you turn it off and on again with the expectation that it will return to normal operation. Perhaps you've had to do this with your phone or tablet. Unfortunately the fix for bad credit isn't as fast as a reboot, but there are ways to restart the process and get better credit over time. The first step is to find out your score with the Dream Cars pre-approval process. This soft inquiry won't affect your credit rating, but it will tell you the maximum you can borrow.

Phase Two
Once you have confidence in the process, it's time to start the loan application. You may be surprised at how simple it is. Your bad credit Austin TX will be a factor but it won't have the final say. Our loan processes look at many aspects, including your take-home pay, to determine if you are worthy of a loan. 

Phase Three
Find the car you want in our inventory. Once you have a loan, there's no stopping you from shopping! We want you to find a car that makes you happy. Once you start paying off the loan, credit agencies will notice, and the rebooting of your credit will have begun.

Take a test drive at Dream Cars.