Questions to Ask Before You Arrive at the Dealership  

You are thinking about a new or new-to-you vehicle. There are some questions to ask yourself before you go. Here's a list of questions that can help you as you make a decision about what type of vehicle you need. Once you are sure, then we recommend you go shopping. 

Family Car
How many in the household? How old/big are they? Where will carseats be positioned? Can your family fit in a regular sedan or do they need an SUV? What safety features do you hope to find? At Dream Cars used car dealer Austin TX, we won't pressure you into a style, edition or brand that you don't want. 

Commuter Vehicle
How many miles do you drive every day? What is your current gas mileage? What is your target for better fuel efficiency? Do you need a special seat height or size to make your comfortable? What entertainment features are important to you?

Cargo Questions
What sports gear or other items do you haul on a regular basis? What size trunk or cargo hold do you need? Learn about financing at Dream Cars used car dealer Austin TX.

Why do you need a truck? If it is for personal use, do you need a full-size or will a midsize do? Is it for family use? You'll want a good backseat. If it is for business use, you'll need answers about tow ratings, payload capacity, and engine performance. Value your trade.

Before you go shopping, write down everything you need in your next vehicle. Then let Dream Cars staff help you find the best ride for your needs.