Don't Suffer in Silence with Bad Credit 11/25

When working people are hit hard with expenses, credit scores may plummet. This can cause many to suffer in silence. They don't think they are worth a second chance. Yet Dream Cars deals in second chances. We help people get loans who never thought they could. It's what we mean by "everybody rides". If you are suffering in silence due to bad credit Austin TX, reach out. There are ways to get financing so you can get the ride you need.

For the People Credit Approval
Our credit approval process isn't a secret, but it does use a proprietary software system to scour financing programs. That's how we look for the best possible rates. It can determine the most favorable down payment and monthly payments. The computer program can do thousands of calculations per minutes. Our customers really appreciate how fast this process is. We won't waste your time.

Our Guarantee
If you make $1,800 per month, we believe we can find you a loan despite bad credit Austin TX. If we can't get you written approval, we'll buy you a steak dinner. Give our loan application a try. Don't believe us? In one year, we originated over $3 million in loans to folks with FICO scores under 500. 

Get on Track
Once you get your loan and your great new ride, you'll start making payments. Those payments are reported to all three credit bureaus. You'll see your score start to rise, and soon it may be back where you want it. Start now with credit pre-approval.

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