Pick Up Your Key to Peace of Mind at Dream Cars Austin

There are many different ways you can buy a used car. You can try the want ads, a small dealer, a corporate dealer, or a new car dealer that also sells used vehicles. With all that competition, DreamCars staff work hard to give you something that others may not: peace of mind. 

Before You See It
Before you even see our inventory, each vehicle undergoes an extensive reconditioning process. The engine and related components are put through a 120-point inspection as our mechanics look for any red flags. If it can't pass muster, it's back to the auction it goes. If it does pass our tests for used cars Austin TX, then we get it ready for your inspection. Every aspect is covered from wheels to wipers. Get pre-approved.

When You See It
You can get a CarFax report on any vehicle. It's easy to get it on our website or in person. A transparent process shows you that we have nothing to hide. We hope this tool will help you with your decision-making. Get financing quickly and securely.

After You Buy
When you drive away, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your purchase is covered by a 90-day/3,000-mile warranty. That's two months longer and 2,000 miles longer than the average used car warranty. This coverage is DreamCars promise to you that our vehicles are as close to new as we can make them. Nothing is perfect, but we stand behind what we sell.
You can pick up the keys to a new ride and true peace of mind from DreamCars, home of good used cars Austin TX