Used Pickups for Sale in Austin TX

If you are looking for used pickups for sale Austin TX, head to Dream Cars. Sure it says cars on the sign, but we sell a lot of trucks. After all, this is Texas! 

Our used pickups for sale Austin TX includes tough and capable models: Ford, Chevy, Ram, GMC, Toyota, Nissan. You can ask our staff to help you match the truck's capability to your work or home needs. 

Truck beds range from 5-footers with the biggest cabins to 6-footers with medium or regular cabs to 8-footers with regular cabs. There are some differences from brand to brand. So bring your tape measure and look at how wide these beds are, how long, and how deep. We won't stop you. It's just part of getting to know our inventory. We'll even lend you the tape measure. 

Regular cabs seat three across. The bigger ones seat five or six. There are so many different levels of luxury in cabins these days that you really need to see them to know which one suits you best. You may find leather in one to suit your daily commute. In other, you'll find easy wash vinyl. In another, there's a premium cloth. It really is a wide selection and you can have fun looking for the best one for your lifestyle or work life. 

If you need financing, you can fill out our application now. You'll get answers that will lead you toward the truck you want. Our pre-approval process is a way to get started without making any commitment. It just gives you information that you need to think about your next step.