Dream Cars began in 1999. The original location was on Highway 620 near Hudson Bend Road and Lake Travis. Scott Elder became involved with the operation in 2003 as a shareholder and sort of as a silent partner. His background and career prior to Dream Cars was in the High Tech and Electronic/Semiconductor business. He earned an Engineering degree at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California and moved to Austin in 1990 to work with Texas Instruments. He later started a successful software company and a Manufacturer’s Rep Company specializing in selling semiconductors and electronic components. By 2000, he had a very successful business but the landscape was changing with China recently joining the World Trade Organization. The business was moving to China rapidly and it was becoming clear to him that continuing to be successful in that field would require spending a lot of time in China. In 2002 his first son was born and he didn’t want to spend half of his life in China, so he began exploring other opportunities and ultimately settled on Dream Cars. Cars had always been his passion and it seemed clear that a fresh approach to selling cars would be welcomed by the car buying public.

In late 2004, Scott Elder took over as President of Dream Cars. During 2005, the business expanded and they ran out of space at the 620 location. They also really began to appreciate how many people there were with less than perfect credit that needed help financing a vehicle. So in January 2006, they purchased 2 acres on Highway 290 East and moved to the new location. At the same time, they partnered with Credit Acceptance to help finance our customers with limited options. Since then, they have been expanding both our financing sources and expertise at helping folks with less than perfect credit.

In 2011, the State of Texas was expanding 290 East and forced them to move out under threat of condemnation. They were in desperate need of a larger and better facility, so it allowed them to pen a new Dream Cars chapter by moving the operation to South Bell Blvd in Cedar Park. At the end of their first year in Cedar Park, they had been able to expand their lending partner base significantly which has allowed them to help more people drive a nicer, newer car.